0% Financing is Back! Easter / Mother's Day Wi-Fi Thermostats $99* Installed!


We've extended our 0% Financing from 18 to 24 Months!*

Apply Here *Available to Qualified Buyers through May 31st

FREE In-Home Esitmates
Looking for that perfect Easter or Mother's Day Gift?
Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat professionally installed for only $99*
*after qualifying rebate

A New Thermostat INSTALLED...It's as easy 1, 2, 3

  1. Call Sharon's to provide & install a Wi-Fi Thermostat ~ $199
  2. Sharon's will provide a receipt and DTE/Consumers $100 Rebate paperwork
  3. You'll file paperwork and net just $99 for a new, professionally installed, Wi-Fi Thermostat!
Call today and schedule an appointment!
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Home Standby Generators

Unfortunately the windy weather has left many without power. Generators can be very expensive but may be worth it if you suffer from frequent outages or have medical needs. 

Federal and state governments don't offer rebates but if you have a medical need, the cost may be tax deductible. Some examples are kidney patients who need frequent use of dialysis machinery, sleep apnea patients who require a C-Pap machine to be able to sleep, patients with limited mobility who need the use of chairlifts to get around the home, para- and quadriplegics who use specialized wheelchairs that have batteries requiring charging.

Once itemized, every bit of legitimate medical expenses over the legal limit, which is 7 to 10 percent of your gross income, is deductible. The power has to be a crucial factor for keeping either you or a family member alive and healthy, and you’ll have to include a certified letter from a medical doctor detailing the medical condition and swearing that a constant power supply is a medical necessity.

Install a home standby generator during the month of March and receive a FREE Premium 7-Year extended parts and labor limited warranty. Call for a free in-home estimate.





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WiFi Thermostats

  • $199 Installed
  • $100 DTE/Consumers Rebate

High Efficiency Water Heaters

  • $75 DTE Rebate
  • $50 DTE/Consumers Rebate
  • $350-750 DTE/Consumers Rebate
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