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A duct system is a complicated network of tubes connecting your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. Your home’s duct system functions like a high-speed airway, quickly delivering hot or cold air to each room and returning it to repeat the process. The problem with most duct systems, including yours, is that they leak. These leaks allow unfiltered and unwanted air into your ventilation system, and when this foreign air mixes with the air in your ventilation system, the ducts’ efficiency is reduced.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s a given that you’ll be preparing your home for the impending heat wave, like scheduling air conditioning maintenance, the most important component of your HVAC system. However, you might have neglected to service your ventilation ducts to prepare for the upcoming summer. Since these ducts are frequently hidden, they are easily overlooked by most people. Therefore, hiring a professional company to perform duct sealing in your home is highly recommended.

Sharon’s heating and air conditioning will assist you with any problems with your HVAC system. Some advantages of hiring us to do your duct sealing are listed below:

Energy Bill Savings

According to the energy department, homes with leaks in their HVAC systems will cost about 20% of their efficiency. So, sealing your air ducts is an important step in preparing homes for the upcoming summer and saving money on energy bills.

Uniform Room Temperature

Have you ever had a situation in your home where one room is cooler or hotter than the others? If you answered yes, it means some air is lost in the ducts because of a leaking or inefficient HVAC system. A typical home with a leaking duct can lose 20% to 30% of the air moving through the system. But, here’s the good news:

When you hire a professional heating and air conditioning company like us, these leaks can be detected and repaired, causing no damage to your walls, ceilings, floors, or wherever the ducts are located. You’ll know when they’re fixed because you’ll notice the difference. These are some advantages of working with Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

Improved Air Quality

Leaks in your air ducts will draw outside air into your duct system and your home. If these leaks are not properly fixed over time, they could cause polluted air from the atmosphere, containing a dangerous amount of dirt, pollen, and dust infiltrating your home.

It will negatively impact your overall air quality. For example, if your duct system runs through your attic or basement and leaks in those areas, your return duct line will pull the attic and basement air into your living space. This is stuffy and musty air that you don’t want to breathe in regularly because it makes airflow in your home an unpleasant experience.

Cleaner Evaporator Coil

When you have a leaky or faulty duct allowing polluted air in, the dirt and dust that comes with it accumulate on the evaporator coil. In hot climates where air conditioning is used almost all year, the evaporator coil remains wet, and a dirty wet coil is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Because of microorganisms’ growth, the air will eventually stink and be unhealthy to breathe. Some air filters inside the duct can help with this problem, but only if they are in excellent condition and perfectly positioned. However, this is not the case in most homes, and why most faulty and leaky ducts result in dirty coils even when a filter is installed.

With everything you’ve learned above, you will be better prepared if you’re experiencing problems with your HVAC system. When you need professional help, it is strongly recommended that you call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415 as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you with ‌questions and ensure your home has the best air quality possible.