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Be More Efficient With Your Ceiling Fan Usage

Warm air can be very uncomfortable in your house, especially when there is little to no air movement. With the help of a home ceiling fan, you can better circulate that air to help make you and your family more comfortable. As long as you understand the most...

Create efficiency with your home ceiling fan.

Hot Weather Power Outages

As frustrating as a power outage can be during the summer, it can quickly exacerbate and become an even worse situation. While high temperatures themselves are not solely to blame for summer power outages, that extreme heat causes other factors that lead to turning...

He is fixing a summer power outage.

Air Conditioner Water Leaks: Normal or Not?

Air conditioners are best known for their ability to cool your home when you need it most during the hot summer months. They can also act as a dehumidifier sometimes, pulling moisture from the air. What you do not want to see is more moisture around your air...

air Be cautious of a air conditioner leaking water.

Is a Ductless Mini Split Right For Your House?

Some homeowners believe that there aren’t many viable heating and cooling options for their house. Older houses do not have the necessary framework to accommodate central air conditioning systems, and window units do not operate as efficiently as you might want....

A ductless mini split system.

How to Beat the Summer Heat

Many families employ many strategies in trying to stay cool this summer. Whether it be putting the air conditioner on blast, or by doing a cannonball into the pool, Michiganders certainly know how to beat the heat. But you should know a couple other ways that you...

Taking a dip in the pool, learning how to beat the heat.

What Exactly Is a Heat Wave?

In the summer's heart, it is not unusual to experience temperatures that exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When those temperatures come with high levels of humidity, it can make a Michigan heat wave feel even more unbearable. Heat waves can be dangerous, but...

He is bracing himself from a Michigan heat wave.