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As the temperatures begin to rise for the summer, your thoughts go to your air conditioning and the best ways to stay cool inside. Those methods boil down to two choices: central air vs window unit. Depending on your home, you may not have an opportunity, but you should still know the pros and cons of both.

A window unit can be installed virtually in any room of any house. It does not matter if you have a new construction home, or if your house was built decades ago. A window unit will primarily cool the room in which you install it, but other spots in your house can be out of reach.

Other benefits of window units include ease of installation. You can do it yourself, and there is no extra cost of needing an HVAC contractor to come out and do the job. Prices are also lower with a window unit, as window air conditioners are less expensive and only run in one room when they are needed.A window AC Unit inside the window of a brick building. Depending on your home or apartment, you should still know the pros and cons of deciding between central air vs window unit.

However, if you or a family member has allergies, a window unit helps only slightly. Units these days are getting much better at filtering the air in your house, but pale in comparison to the heavy duty units in a central air environment.

Even though central air conditioners do come with higher price tags, you may find that the benefits justify the cost. Central air conditioners run very efficiently, helping to keep your entire home cool and filtering the air better than a window unit. Air circulates throughout the whole house, so you won’t feel that discomfort when you need to get up and grab a snack from the kitchen.

Central air conditioning units also require regular maintenance. It is cheaper to service your unit at the start of every summer than it is to let it continuously run. If you make it run, you risk more expensive fixes during inopportune moments.

Lastly, your home may not be suitably equipped to have central air installed. A central air conditioner requires a tremendous amount of space in and around your home. Otherwise, installation and operation are not possible.

If you need help finding out which method of air conditioning is best for your home, call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and will help with the installation.

Call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415