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Cleaning is an important commitment you must adhere to for your new equipment. Cleaning keeps your appliances in good working order and ensures they continue functioning well, allowing you to use them for extended periods. Most homeowners only need to do it twice a year – once in the spring before summer and once in the fall before the cold weather arrives. The time and effort required will be well worth it because of the increase in the energy efficiency of your system.

Spring is the time to schedule air conditioner maintenance and prepare it for the cooling season. It is done during this time because the weather is warm enough to run your cooling system to prepare for the hottest months of the year, summer. Using a professional cleaning product is an even better approach to cleaning your outdoor equipment. Of course, you can do some cleaning yourself, but if you truly want your electrical equipment to appear good, new, and handled properly, you should consider hiring a professional, such as Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our areas of expertise include maintaining, repairing, and installing heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses. Sometimes, cleaning is done so carelessly that it appears as if it was not done at all. However, cleaning is very important and can be an easy process if you know the procedures. Here are some cleaning tips:

Get Rid of Debris

Your exterior unit could become coated with leaves, grass clippings, and other debris over the spring and summer. If your appliance has a drain, make sure it is clear of any obstacles. Allow a suitable distance between your outdoor unit and shrubs or plants for better air movement. Set aside some time each week to check that your system is free of debris to guarantee maximum efficiency and that your outside unit and the surrounding area are clean and clear. Wet or dry, a vacuum with a soft-bristled attachment will pick up dust, dirt, or other small debris you could not remove from your unit.

For a professional touch, you can call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. We are happy to answer any of your issues and assist you in keeping the finest air quality in your home.

Check Your Condenser Coils

Examine the condenser coils for build-up that can degrade performance, such as dust, dirt, and debris. Once you’ve removed everything you can, rinse them with the garden hose to remove any remaining residue. Use caution when vacuuming to avoid harming or bending the coils.

Clean the Air Filters

Cleaning the air filter is one of the most effective ways to maintain your outdoor unit and provide a healthy environment. An air filter cleans the air and prevents pollutants like dust from recirculating. Remove and clean the air filters from your outdoor air conditioning equipment. Once the dust is caked onto it, you can wash it off, clean it with a brush or vacuum it. Ensure the filters are entirely clean on both sides. Before you clean, you must ensure your outside unit is turned off and remains off during the cleaning process.

An air conditioner that has been serviced and thoroughly cleaned is in a far better position to function properly. A clean system will have optimal airflow and disposal and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring within the system. If you follow these tips, you will be satisfied with an air conditioner that is highly durable and lasts for an extended period.