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The boiler in your house works extra hard for you, heating both your home and your water. Because of the extra work that it has had to do this winter, a problem has occurred. Checking on your boiler and fixing one of these common boiler problems will help it run better and longer.

A noisy boiler, often called “kettling,” is one of the more likely issues you may have. This is caused by a buildup of limescale in the heat exchanger, and that will cause banging, gurgling, rumbling or whispering pipes. You can fix this by bleeding your radiator or power flushing your pipes, which will remove limescale and air from your system.

Some issues may even cause your boiler to shut off. Causes include low water pressure, thermostat problems, air and water mis-circulation, or a closed water valve. You can check on the valves yourself to see if any are partially or closed. If there is any utility work being done in your area, that could also be a cause of low water pressure.

When your radiator does not heat properly, that could be because of air in the system, or if there is a buildup of rust in the pipes. An issue with pipe circulation can also prevent hot water from reaching the top of the radiator. Here, bleeding the system is your best bet of cleaning out excess air. In the worst-case scenario, you will need a technician to fix the pump.

You should also check your thermostat to be sure that the readings are accurate. Aging or broken thermostats can become inaccurate or even non-functioning. This could lead to one extreme of either excessively hot water, or a lack of boiler operations. If you find that your thermostat still has power, you might replace it for better operation.

One issue is always best left for a professional, and that is when you find that your pilot light has gone out. A thermocouple issue or a draft could cause this within the pilot light enclosure. Regardless of why it has gone out, trying to remedy the problem yourself can be dangerous.

When you are not sure how or why your boiler has been acting up, call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our staff is ready to solve your not so common boiler problems, too, so call us today at (734) 425-1415.

Call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415