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Somewhere along the way, you have heard a couple tips that can help make your air conditioner run better. You will want to try anything that will help your temperatures stay low, and your energy costs. However, not all pieces of advice ring true, and some of those “tips” you may have heard won’t lead to a more efficient air conditioner, nor will they lead to a cooler home.

First off, they design ceiling fans to cool people, not to cool rooms. Turning on your ceiling fan will not influence the overall temperature of your home. Instead, it creates a wind-chill effect, and will only cool down those that are present in the room where it’s on.

Next up, setting the thermostat lower will not cool your house faster. This will mostly lead to wasting energy, and if you forget to set the temperature back to normal, it will cost you much more than just energy. Leaving the temperature set where it is and letting the AC run as usual will cool your home just as quickly.

You may have heard that keeping your AC running is better than turning it off and on. That is also false. If you and your family are not home, there’s no need to keep your air conditioner running, as there is nobody there to benefit from it. Plus, it won’t use any more energy by turning it on and off, in fact it will use more energy when you keep it on for extended lengths of time.

Last, are new air conditioners more efficient? It is another misconception that buying a new high-efficiency air conditioner will lead to immediate savings. The costs are heavier up front, but the savings come throughout an extended period when your energy bills are just a fraction of what they used to be. You need to invest in other aspects to keep your home energy efficient, such as having proper weatherization, good insulation, and regularly scheduled maintenance.

Regardless of how far along we are into the season, now is always the best time to think about saving money. Learning how to keep your cooling system running efficient and by following expert advice, your home will feel more comfortable. To learn more about properly cooling your home, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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