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At odd times of the day or night, you might still hear your furnace kicking, its fan spinning, and the air flowing. You might think there is something wrong with your system, but in reality it is quite common. If your furnace keeps running, here are some reasons it might be a good thing.

The setting on your thermostat will cause your furnace fan to run continuously. You may normally keep your thermostat to kick on automatically when your home reaches a certain temperature, but most thermostats have a setting that keeps in always on. However, if you haven’t told your furnace to keep running, there could be due to a fault fan limit switch or one that is set to a manual override. These situations need the help of an HVAC professional, like the ones at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

So what if you do have your thermostat set to be always on? It really isn’t as bad as you think, and you don’t need to worry about the fan wearing down or breaking because of its increased use. Furnaces are actually designed to run without interruption.

With the furnace fan always on, it will keep circulating air all throughout your home. Larger houses will enjoy this, as it can eliminate those odd warm or cold spots in some rooms. When an air purifier is installed on the furnace, it will clean the air, and the cleaner, fresher air is much better for those that suffer from allergies.

But as expected, with the furnace always running, you can expect to see higher energy bills from always using the energy. 

Having your furnace always on is a decision that many homeowners will make. Choosing to do so wisely will keep the air circulating, allowing for a more comfortable and consistent temperature. But if your furnace is always on when you haven’t told it to be could mean there’s an issue, and you must contact a professional. For questions about your furnace or HVAC system, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. 

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