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Over the years, we leave our furnace that has been keeping our homes warm through each winter undisturbed. But when that unit’s age catches up to it, furnace tuneups are necessary. And you don’t want to be left with the alternative — a full replacement — if you’re not ready. Before committing to a new furnace, first inspect your current unit and know how efficient it has been running. 

Ideally, you should have already scheduled annual maintenance on your furnace. This is the best way to keep it running at its best and to prevent possible breakdowns. As you have likely heard before, it is much cheaper to maintain your current furnace than having to replace it. 

Regular cleanings will also help narrow down any viable concerns in your furnace before they require an emergency visit from a professional technician. Yes, saving money is nice, but the bigger concern here is keeping your family and your home safe. Because furnaces need to burn fuel to keep you warm, it is vital to inspect all of its parts for possible ruptures or leaks.

We can extend the lifetime of your furnace with these yearly inspections. Running efficiently does more than make your energy bills lower, but it also helps the furnace not work so hard to heat your home. When older furnaces are neglected, the combination of its age and the extra work required will cause its parts to break down more quickly. 

Extending the life of your furnace also includes checking on other parts of your home’s HVAC system. Air filters need to be replaced regularly to allow proper airflow throughout the system, and to prevent pollutants or dust from recirculating. Close registers in rooms that don’t need to be constantly heated, and try to allow other means of heating to help share the load, such as opening the blinds to allow more sunlight.

Double check the settings on your thermostat. By lowering the temperature by a few degrees, you won’t sacrifice your comfort, but help that aging furnace from putting in extra hours of overtime.

After your yearly furnace tune-up, expect an improved level of functionality. The equipment will be cleaned, inspected for wear and tear, and parts can be replaced as necessary. Ignoring your furnace’s condition will lead to trouble, and trouble could lead to an expensive repair or replacement.

Take action early in the season to have your furnace inspected by a professional technician from Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Schedule an appointment today by calling (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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