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If you currently heat your home with a furnace but are thinking about making an upgrade, you may want to know about another heating system — the heat pump. While it’s like a furnace, a heat pump has some key differences that make it a worthy consideration. We’ll discuss those differences and heat pump pros and cons.

Let’s start with what is a heat pump. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that pumps hot air instead of cold. They are useful because they can heat or cool your home.

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are an alternative to using a furnace or air conditioner. They work like a refrigerator, by moving heat from one place to another. During the winter, they move heat from the outdoors into your home. During the summer, they transfer heat out of your house by pumping it outdoors. Instead of using electricity or gas to generate heat, they use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. This makes them so energy efficient.

Consumers are becoming more interested in heat pumps, especially as the cost of heating a home continues to rise. They can save you money on both heating and cooling your home. They are more energy-efficient than the alternatives, but there are some things to keep in mind before you decide to buy one for your home. 

Heat pump pros and cons

Heat Pump Pros

  • Electric heat pumps are more energy-efficient than gas systems. Electricity is less expensive than gas, so this may save you money on heating bills during the winter.
  • Heat pumps are safer because there is no risk of carbon monoxide or gas leaks, which can cause fires.
  • Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another, rather than generating heat themselves. As a result, they are better at evenly distributing heat than standard furnaces.
  • Heat pumps can heat and cool a home, so you don’t need two separate systems. This makes them easier to maintain, which can save you money.

Heat pump cons

  • Heat costs more upfront than a traditional furnace or air conditioner. They are more expensive to buy and cost more to install.  
  • If you live in a colder climate, like here in Michigan, your heat pump may not keep up with all of your heating needs. In addition, some heat pumps don’t perform as well in extreme temperatures. A secondary heating source may be necessary when temperatures drop below freezing. 
  • Heat pumps aren’t as powerful as gas systems, so your house may take longer to heat and it may not get as hot as quickly.

Heat pumps may have some disadvantages, but they have many advantages over traditional heaters and air conditioners. These advantages are why many Michigan residents are upgrading to a heat pump system.

If you are considering making the switch to a heat pump,  call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. We can answer your questions and help you decide on whether a heat pump is right for you.

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