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Residential Heating & Cooling MAINTENANCE PLAN

Enjoy fewer repairs and extended equipment life with a membership that pays for itself.

PREVENTATIVE CARE – it’s the smartest way to avoid future HVAC problems for all your residential heating and cooling systems.

Our MAINTENANCE PLAN includes all the most important and relevant services you’ll need. Become a member of Sharon’s Comfort Club today and SAVE on our plan.


  • 10% Service Call Discount

  • 1″ Filter Replacement

  • Discounts on New Equipment

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Lower Utility Bills

  • Transferable Upon Home Sale

  • 24-Month Inflation Protection

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Benefits of Our Maintenance Plan:

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Longer Life Expectancy – A furnace or air conditioner can last up to 20 years but not if it’s poorly maintained. Investing in preventative maintenance can save you time and money in the long run.

Home Safety and Comfort – Poorly maintained furnaces and A/C’s can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, gas line leaks, and fires.

Better Air Quality – All the air in your home passes through the furnace filter. Simply changing the filter removes trapped dirt, pollen and allergens from your home.

Lower Energy Costs – If not properly cleaned every year, your system could be losing up to 40 percent of its energy efficiency!

Dryer Efficiency – If there is a blockage the heat will get trapped and cause the dryer to work harder than it needs to. Additionally, blockages can create harmful backpressure.

Dryer Fires – Blockages in your dryer are caused by built-up lint, clothes themselves, animal homes, and many more flammable items. These objects can hold the heat and compress it, causing a fire.

Dryer Lifespan – your dryer should last approximately 10-13 years. The most effective way to extend this period or ensure that it lasts this long is to clean the dryer screen and regularly clean the vents leading outside.

Improve Safety – Water heaters have safety devices that require annual testing, such as temperature and pressure valves that protect your water heater from extremes by discharging water. Poor maintenance can cause flooding and costly damages.

Decreased Likelihood of an Early Replacement – When you schedule maintenance for your water heater, it helps the system run better overall. This means fewer unaddressed repairs that could add up to a replacement too early in the lifespan of your system.

Improved Energy Efficiency – A tune-up is a service that saves you money in multiple ways including helping you spend less on energy expenditures. A water heater getting regular checks will use its fuel source more efficiently, meaning it uses less than a system the same age that isn’t being maintained well.

We also provide commercial preventative maintenance. Call us to find out more.