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Staying warm in your home can be easy, but trying to stay warm outdoors this fall will take some effort. It’s not like you can take your furnace everywhere you go. Instead, if you are spending prolonged periods of time outdoors, or anywhere that isn’t set up for heating, then a battery powered heater might be right for you.

First off, calling them battery powered heaters is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, battery powered heaters do not run on only batteries. Instead, many of them rely on other fuel sources like propane for heating, and the battery will operate other features. Although there are literal battery powered heaters, they tend to be much smaller and are good for warming your hands or feet, not your whole body.

Those personal heaters are great if you are sitting in the stands at an outdoor event, or if you are camping. They can hold a charge for up to 12 hours, but still will not help if you are trying to warm up a tent or any other space larger than your gloves. In those cases, look for a heater that is powered by propane. A portable heater that heats a 10×10 tent requires at least 4,000 BTU per hour.

Propane heaters work well in emergency situations, but there are some risks involved when it comes to extended usage times. A propane heater can still be a fire risk, and there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning without proper ventilation.

Another alternative to a battery powered heater is an electric heater, as long as you have an outlet to plug it in to. Some of these electric heaters produce forced air at the touch of a button, and they can come in many sizes. They are suitable for small rooms, the inside of a car, or your garage.

A low-cost option is the kerosene heater, which has similarities to other heaters. The kerosene heater has a fuel tank, an ignition system, and a wick. Kerosene is relatively inexpensive, so heating rooms is affordable. However, the risk of carbon monoxide is also possible if ventilation guidelines are not followed.

Whether you are in a hunting blind in the woods, or in your garage at home, you can create a comfortable amount of heat with a battery powered or portable space heater. For more information on different portable heaters, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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