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Losing heat in the winter, or the coolness from your air conditioning in the summer, leads to problems in your HVAC system’s efficiency. Finding out what the problem is and fixing it can seem like a daunting task, but with a home energy audit you can address the worst problems and be smarter with your energy use.

A home energy audit, which is also known as a home energy assessment, will help you and your family understand the big picture of your home’s energy usage. This audit will determine how much energy your home is using, where it may lose energy, and the biggest problem areas that need fixing. To make your home more comfortable and more efficient, a home energy audit should be the first step in making improvements.

There are two different ways to perform a home energy audit, either by bringing in a professional or doing it yourself. Going the route of the professional allows you to see the most complete picture of your home’s energy use, while doing it yourself could pinpoint problem areas so you can prioritize upgrades.

Professional energy audits go into great detail in the assessment of your home’s energy use. Auditors go through your house, room by room, and will look at your past energy bills. They will even perform a couple tests, like a blower door test or a thermographic scan. 

The auditor has access to tools and knowledge that the typical homeowner might not have, and their experience allows them to determine where energy is being wasted. They will examine both the outside and the inside of the house, and will walk through the home with you, asking and answering questions.

Finding a professional energy auditor can be done through a few different avenues. Your state or local energy office could help you identify local companies that perform audits, or your electric or gas utility could conduct an assessment themselves. 

Performing a do-it-yourself energy audit requires a long list of items to look for, but can be quite focused. Locating air leaks, checking your insulation and ventwork, and inspecting your heating and cooling equipment are all general tasks you can do yourself. This can take a lot of legwork for you through the process, but lets you find the worst spots and how to fix the situation.

Doing the energy audit yourself can also lead to you wanting to call a professional for a more accurate assessment. Your own assessment can even help the professional better analyze your home and help with potential savings. 

For more information on how to perform your own home energy audit, or to bring in a professional home energy audit, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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