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Basements have many uses for many homeowners. Families can use that space as an extension for a living room, offering versatility and creativity in your home’s layout. Other homes use the basement strictly for storage, and may not bother finishing that space at all. Either way, allowing your basement to get too cold can cause some problems, and knowing how to heat a basement can provide many benefits.

Odds are that if you live in Michigan, you have a basement. It can be a great space to escape to during the summer heat, but a cool basement can be a double-edged sword when you consider how chilly it might get in the winter. To warm that space, and to keep it comfortable, you need to consider how to heat a basement, and how to keep that warmth from escaping.

Much like the rooms on your main floors, heat can escape through even the smallest gaps, which could be around your windows and doors. Your basement windows could be one of the major problems. Replacing those old windows with newer windows, such as with double-glazed windows, can help keep the cold out and trap the heat in.

Now think of where those windows are located: the walls. Your basement walls can transfer some of that outside cold indoors, if not properly insulated. It is likely that during construction, building costs were saved by not properly insulating your basement. Make sure that all external basement walls, and the first floor walls above them, are insulated properly to help preserve the heat in the winter. 

Working our way down even further brings us to the basement floor. That hard concrete floor can feel freezing on your feet. Covering it up with a rug or carpeting makes a big difference. To minimize heat loss, cover as much floor as you can, and employing a thicker shag creates more difference between the floor and your feet.

Now that your basement is better insulated, you can start thinking about the best methods to efficiently heat that space. You could use heating vents directed toward your basement, and your current HVAC system can provide the desired warmth. If you cannot add vents, you can think of other options, such as baseboard heaters or portable electric heaters.

Don’t think of your basement as a useless space in the winter because you can’t keep it warm. Start planning on the best ways that you can change that by creating an energy efficient space to use all year long. For more information on heating your basement this winter, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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