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Keeping your home clean is important to you, but do you ever notice you are cleaning too often? You find dust settling on every surface, but do not know where it comes from. That dust could circulate through your heating and cooling system, and in some circumstances it may call for a professional HVAC dust cleaning. 

If you are not that familiar with your own home’s ductwork, take a moment to give it a quick inspection. You might find that you have cracks, allowing air to leak in or out of your system. It’s not just clean air leaking out, but those cracks are letting dirty, untreated air circulate through your house. 

That untreated air carries dust, pollen, and other harmful particles that can impact the air quality in your home. Seal cracks in the ductwork which will not only improve the quality of your air but will also lower the costs on your energy bills.

Once you seal your ducts, your next step should inspect the air filters. Air filters provide a defense to trap dust, dirt, and other debris. Neglected air filters, however, will have buildups of that debris, and can recirculate the dust back into your home. Check your air filters to be sure they are stopping the dust and debris from re-entering the air.

Finding dust throughout your home is no good when you know that you can prevent it. Early in the season, schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with a professional from Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Even in the heart of summer, you can still have an experienced HVAC technician look at your system to be sure it works.

Keep you home, and its air, dust free. All it takes is one phone call to Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. We offer one of the most advanced duct cleaning systems available today to improve your indoor air quality.

Call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415