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Yes, it is still summer! These 20 to 30-degree changes in nightly temperature swings means you have to prepare your home to adapt to changes. Combined with the need to be energy efficient, you might just forget how to use a thermostat. If you want to spend the end of summer in your home without constantly feeling sticky and sweaty, read this comprehensive information on the best thermostat settings.

Best Temperature Setting When at Home During Summer

Most people are confused about what temperature to set their thermostat when summer rolls by. The ideal temperature combined with energy efficiency isn’t hard to achieve. Many families end up being caught in a thermostat war. You don’t need to grab onto those sweatpants while you’re lounging at home. The U.S. Department of Energy highly recommends a crisp 78 degrees F(26C) at home, especially during summer days. The closer you are to the outdoor temperature, the less energy you consume to cool your own home.

Best Temperature for Thermostat when not at Home

If you don’t plan on spending your summer at home, it is advisable to keep your house warm to save money and energy. It is best to turn your thermostat up to 10 degrees higher than 78 degrees F while you are away for the day or if you will be away for more than two hours. It will help you save as much as 10 percent of cooling costs. A higher interior temperature slows the flow of heat into your home, making it much easier to cool it down once you return home.

Programmable Thermostat

Changing your thermostat settings every time you leave or enter your home saves a lot of money and energy. However, very few people remember to change the settings before leaving. A smart programmable thermostat solves this problem. Programmable thermostats ensure that your home’s ideal temperature is maintained while simultaneously saving money. These devices can be controlled through a phone and allow you to adjust settings based on the time of the day. Settings automatically change based on your response factors. For instance, you can program your AC to cool your home 30 minutes prior to your arrival.

Maximize Cooling in Your Home

You can maximize cooling within your home while also saving energy. Preventing warm air from entering your home and cool air from escaping it is a good way to start. Another way is by hanging window treatments. These prevent sunlight and heat from entering through windows. Consider replacing cooling units with energy-efficient ones and installing ceiling fans to maximize cooling. Ensure cool air does not escape from cracks in doors and windows. Another option is to install new weather-stripping and caulk around doors and windows to keep them sealed. Also, avoid using heat-generating appliances such as ovens and stoves until after sunset.

Get a professional to help you with your thermostat. Call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you have the best air quality in your home. Setting the right temperature on your thermostat isn’t as difficult as expected. Be ready to save energy while also staying cool. Following these tips will ensure your summer is cool and comfortable for you and your family in every room in the house.