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Winter time is a parched time, which can make even the cozy warmth of your home uncomfortable. For those that spend a lot of time at home, especially those that work from a home office, the addition of a small space humidifier can make your home feel much more bearable.

In order to get the most out of your humidifier, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will add more comfort to any room. First, avoid placing your humidifier on the ground. Instead, keep it about two feet off the ground, on a small table or other piece of furniture. This will make it easier to spot leaks, and so that you won’t trip over it if it were on the ground.

For those that need a humidifier in the bedroom to help them sleep, there is a recommended location for your humidifier to get the most out of it. Try to place the humidifier about three feet from your bed. The moisture in the air helps keep your mucus thinner, allowing you to breathe more easily. 

A smaller humidifier can be kept closer, but if you have a larger humidifier, then greater distance is better. Placing a large humidifier in the room’s corner won’t just keep it out of the way, but it will help the humidifier cover the full room. Just don’t keep it near a window or in direct sunlight.

The level of humidity plays a role. Too little will hardly make a difference in comfort, and too much might inadvertently encourage mold growth in hidden areas. To avoid those problems, try keeping the humidity level between 40-50 percent.

Those that keep a humidifier running a lot can tell you that maintaining your humidifier is important. Regularly cleaning your humidifier will help remove mineral traces and will make sure that any water that is left inside won’t become stagnant. Using white vinegar is the recommended method for those parts, while using bleach in the tank can provide a thorough wash.

Humidifying even a small space can help your breathing and provide much needed moisture to your skin and body. Do not let the dry winter take a hold of your comfort and start making a difference. For more information on how to humidify your home, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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