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Your HVAC system does much more than just moving warm or cool air throughout the house: it moves fresh air through your home. To keep your air as fresh as possible, you will want to change your air filters regularly. Some particles can still get through your air filters, so think about cleaning your air ducts.

It’s possible that you can do a quick inspection of your air ducts yourself, which allows you to look for certain problems if they exist. One thing that you can look out for is mold growth. To do this, remove one of the grilles from the vent and shine a flashlight through the opening. Even if you can’t see any mold, there might be a moldy smell coming from the ducts. The presence of mold means there is moisture in your ductwork, so check for possible leaks.

Something that would not be pleasant to see is droppings from pests, or you could even hear the tiny footsteps skittering through the walls. Removing the pests is one thing that you will need professional help with, and patching up the holes or broken seems that they may have entered through.

Most vents in your house should have a damper which controls the amount of warm or cool air that is delivered to a room. If the dampers have accumulated too much dust, it can hamper the moving parts involved, which hampers the air flow through your home. 

Any of these issues can cause reduced efficiency. Other clogs or blockages within the ducts will reduce the output of your HVAC system. With a proper cleaning of your ducts, notice a huge improvement of the heating or cooling throughout your home. Plus, when efficiency increases, the cost of your energy bills decreases. 

There is so much focus given to the heart of your HVAC system, but you should not forget about the ducts that help carry that fresh air to your room. Keep your home’s air clean, and call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. 

Call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415