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So many gadgets and gizmos have made putting new technologies into your house simple. Things that would exist only in science fiction have now become common, and many homes these days have at least one smart device connected to their house. Included in these common devices is the smart thermostat, but installing any smart thermostat requires a common wire.

The common wire, also known as the thermostat C-wire, is used to carry continuous power to your smart device. Almost all newer heating and cooling systems include the common wire, which will guarantee that all smart thermostats will be compatible with your home’s installation. 

Not all homes will have a common wire, and you can find out whether there is one in your house. If your home operates on a low voltage heating system, then you should be able to find the common wire behind your thermostat. When you remove the cover of your thermostat from the wall, you will notice five colored wires. One of those wires, often a blue wire, will be connected to the terminal marked “C.”

Those five wires may not always be present, but that does not mean the common wire is nonexistent. For instance, if you see less than five wires, then there is a possibility that others have been tucked behind the wall. 

After you have confirmed that you have a common wire, and when you have your new smart thermostat ready, then you can start the installation process. The smart thermostats today offer many features that some thermostats do not, including touch screens and remote control through an app on your phone.

Without a thermostat c-wire, installing a smart thermostat will be trickier, but not impossible. Some smart thermostats can work without the common wire, and they instead have adapters to make it functional. 

But with installing a common wire, that’s when more work will be involved. Most homeowners do not have the tools or the skills to properly and safely perform this project, and it is highly recommended to call a professional. 

With many options for adding smart technologies to your home, the installation of a smart thermostat can be a beneficial and efficient addition to any home. For more information on smart thermostats or installing a common wire, call Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer all questions you may have.

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