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If your furnace is making a lot of noise, this is not something you should just ignore and hope it goes away. When a furnace is noisy, it’s usually an indicator that it needs maintenance. There are a few common noises we see during service calls. Sometimes this is just because the furnace needs cleaned or the parts inside the furnace need lubrication. 

Is your furnace making a humming sound?

A furnace can make a humming or buzzing noise for several reasons. Most often it’s because the blower motor needs lubrication. But sometimes this can happen when a motor is about to fail. A humming noise can also be because of a furnace that is poorly maintained or needs a new filter. In either case, a furnace tune-up is the best solution. 

Is your furnace making a loud rumbling noise?

If you notice your furnace making a loud rumbling noise when it starts, this could be because the gas burners need to be cleaned. As dirt and soot buildup on the burners it prevents air from flowing properly. This can cause a rumbling noise as it starts up. 

Is your furnace making a knocking noise?

There are a few reasons your furnace could make a knocking noise. This typically occurs when the furnace starts or stops. The most common reason for this is the blower needs to be cleaned or serviced. If you hear this noise continuously as your furnace runs this warrants attention. You could have a fan or belt that needs to be replaced. 

Is your furnace making a high pitch noise?

If you hear a high pitch noise that sounds like squealing or whining, this can be caused by several things. A bearing on your blower may need to be replaced or your furnace’s blower wheel may be out of balance. This often happens when a furnace hasn’t been cleaned or is overheating. 

If you have a noisy furnace, there are a few simple things you can try. First, check the filter to see if it’s dirty. If it hasn’t been changed in a while, replace it. Then, look at all the vents in the house to see if there’s debris blocking the airflow. If you are still hearing noises, we recommend having it serviced by a professional

Although nobody wants to deal with a furnace repair, the good news is that most times a tune-up or cleaning may be all that’s needed. Even if you need a furnace repair, taking care of it when it first makes noise can keep you from needing a more expensive repair down the road. If you are hearing noises from your furnace, give Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (734) 425-1415. We are happy to answer questions or help you schedule a tune-up or service call.

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