At Sharon’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. we provide, install and service a multitude of products with our in-house staff.

We offer design build and/or design assist, ensuring that you have a properly planned HVAC system that is right for your building and operations. We work with chillers, gas and oil fired boilers, boiler and HVAC process piping, cooling towers, water source systems, roof top units, split systems, including Direct Digital Control/Building Management Systems, package units, pumps and VAV boxes. In addition, our fabrication experts provide custom ductwork, utilizing our state of the art plasma machinery in our 10,000 square foot building and metal shop.

Our trained and certified service and maintenance staff take a comprehensive approach to evaluating and monitoring your equipment to maintain its peak performance. Systems initially run at peak performance but over time individual pieces of equipment often become sluggish. We work hard to optimize performance and extend your system's life. When you have a service agreement with Sharon's Heating & Air Conditioning, your needs are handled with priority and your commercial HVAC system will have the best possible efficiency.

One of the things that sets us apart from other HVAC contractors is our quality trained and certified installers and our effective project management. Our extensive experience and commitment to service has led us to develop tried and true processes that prevent setbacks, promote regular internal and external/jobsite communication with stakeholders, and on-time job completion.

Take a look at some of these jobs we've completed and contact us to learn how we can meet your HVAC needs!


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