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As the winter rages on, you do more to battle the effects as the season rolls on. Outdoors, that means bundling up in layers and driving carefully on the roads. Indoors, you have your furnace keeping things comfortable. But that cold air also means dry air, and your tiny humidifier can’t reach the entire house. Fortunately, there is another option, a whole house humidifier.

There are quite a few differences between your current portable humidifier and a whole house humidifier, and when you weigh your choices, you can find the one that is more suitable for your home. 

Portable humidifiers are easy to install, because all it takes is taking it out of the box, filling up the tank with water, and plugging it into the wall. If you spend most of your time in one room, then the portable humidifier will do its job as intended. However, each day you need to refill the tank, and to humidify multiple rooms of your home, you will need multiple humidifiers.

A whole house humidifier will do exactly what its name says: humidify your whole house. An HVAC professional should instal these humidifiers inside your ductwork. Using a single system, you can humidify each in your house, with a comfortable and consistent level of humidity in every room. 

The whole house humidifier connects to your home’s existing water supply and uses your heating and cooling system’s fan. Because you need only one system, the whole house humidifier will run more efficiently than multiple portable humidifiers. 

Your whole house humidifier requires less maintenance. There is no need to refill a tank every day. Once they are installed, all you need to do is to change the humidifier pad periodically.

Consider your options for making your house more comfortable this winter. Do you need to humidify only a small area? Or does your house need consistent levels of humidity in multiple rooms? Both space and cost play major factors in your decision, but Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help pick what is best for your home. 

For help in humidifying your house, call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415. Our staff is ready to answer any and all questions you may have regarding humidifiers or your heating your home, and we will also help with the installation.

Call the professionals at Sharon’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (734) 425-1415